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At Loomis Renovations our passion is designing beautiful and functional living spaces, but our foundation is quality construction.

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A Foundation in Home Creation

When our founders, Erik and Scott, started their first company Loomis Homes in 2009 they didn’t want to build houses, they wanted to create homes that fit their client’s lifestyle while still being affordable. To do this, they developed a team of experienced architects, designers and builders and a client focused comprehensive design and build process. Loomis Homes quickly developed a reputation in the Twin Cities as a lifestyle home builder that partners with clients to create modern, functional, and efficient homes.

Having built great partnerships with clients through their home creation process it wasn’t long before requests for remodeling services started. Past clients wanting us to help with remodeling projects like finishing a basement or adding a bathroom were looking to us for the same customer experience, quality, and affordability they received when we built their home. We knew with our experienced team and access to quality products, we could bring a truly unique approach to remodeling projects in the Twin Cities and Loomis Renovations was established.

Live Your Lifestyle to the Fullest

Loomis Renovations is driven by honesty, integrity, communication, and customer experience. Our comprehensive design and build process puts the customer’s input and lifestyle needs first, allowing us to turn your vision into a reality.


Our passion for designing beautiful, functional living spaces starts with a thorough design consultation. One of our design consultants will discuss your vision, budget, and overall project goals. When complete they will work with CAD software to produce a prototype of your new space. This allows you to take a virtual walk through before construction begins to ensure you love the plan as much as you’ll love the finished result.

Network of Certified Professionals

At Loomis Renovations we have cultivated a team of the best master tradesmen, interior designers, project managers, and design consultants in the Twin Cities. Each team member is committed to ensuring that the quality not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations, down to the very last detail. You can expect our team to be reliable and professional, while keeping your project in scope and on time.

Quality Materials

At Loomis Renovations we have strict criteria to evaluate the longevity, low maintenance, and efficiency of all the products we use. Due to the volume of materials purchased for both Loomis Homes & Renovations we are able take advantage of wholesale material pricing at a more cost-effective level. Between selective materials and pricing advantages we are able to increase the value that your remodel project brings to your home without cutting corners on quality.


We only use quality materials and systems that are backed by expert craftsmanship and carry some of the best manufacturer warranties in the industry. While warranty eligibility depends on what is done during your remodeling project our warranty offerings may include:

  • 25-year manufacturer warranty on windows, siding, and roofing
  • 10-year structural warranty (additions only)
  • 2-year mechanical, electrical warranty
  • 1-year warranty on workmanship

Let’s Turn Your Vision into Reality

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